Monday, April 26, 2010

So yeah...

It's been quite a while since I last blogged...

Nothing has really been going on. Basicly I've just been working as much as possible so that I has the cash when I get down to Disney. Oh yeah. I had a big trash party. I threw like almost everything I own out. Well, not everything. Just alot of random junk. I got rid of like two trash bags of clothes that I then donated to Goodwill.

I want to start packing. Like now. But sadly Disney is still three weeks away. In fact, I will be on the road heading towards Disney excatly three weeks from now. I'm thinking I'll be somewhere in southern Illinois. Maybe. Maybe mid-Illinois. I really don't know. But it's coming. Very quickly at that.

I'm going to do a vlog here soon. I need to get back on track with that. I need more viewers though and I need comments and suggestions!!! SUBSCRIBE!!! Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top!!! Ask me questions! I can't do vlogs without questions!!!

So yeah, thats about it...

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Less than two months til I arrive down in Disney!!! I need to make a habit of doing this more... lol. I need to do another vlog. I might on Saturday. I ordered a Flip camera so I'm excited. It's going to come on all of my awesome adventures when I get down to Disney. Yay! So yeah...

Time is really flying by fast. I'll be down there in no time!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Yay! Roommate!

Not much has been going on since my last blog/vlog. I did get paired with a roommate through the roommate notification thingy. I'm super excited because she's awesome and I know were going to have loads of fun. I still haven't taken a purple folder picture... I need to do that...

Other than that, this week, I'm going to the CP presentation at Western Illinois. I have alot of questions so it will be really nice to have a Rep there to ask stuff to.

Thats all for now! Have a magical day!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


So yeah, I got a formspring! I'm already running out of ideas for my vlog... I need more!!! Ask me questions! Anything!

DO IT!!!

Have a magical day!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

vlog #2!!!

Comment, Subscribe!!! Please and thank you!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My first vlog!!!

Comment! Give me ideas!!! Subscribe! anything!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Roommate Survey!

I have to do this because I really want to find a roomie that I'm compatable with. =D

Post #7Katie Plante (Hudson VCC) wroteon February 17, 2010 at 3:05pm
Here's the roommate survey if anyone wanted to fill it out:

1.Your name?: Emily
2. Are you legal (over 21)?: Yes.
3. Male or female?: Female
4. Gay, straight, bi (optional): Straight
5. Where do you live?: Rock Island, Illinois
6. What role will you have at Disney?: Attractions
7. What are your arrival/departure dates/program (fall, fall advantage, fall quarter)?: Fall Advantage
8. Which apartment complex would you prefer to live at? Patterson Court
9. How many roommates/rooms would you like? (1-7 roommates, 1-4 rooms)?: 1 roommate, 1 room
10. Do you like to party? Will you be hosting parties in your apartment?: Not really. Maybe we only a few people. I like to stay in control
11. What's your favorite food, and more importantly, can you cook well?: I love my dads chicken noodle casserole. I can cook somewhat well.
12. If your friends could describe you in three words what would they be?: Bubbly, funny, trustworth
13. What kind of music/movies do you like?: anything disney, comedies, chic flicks... for music I love classic rock and some music I grew up with like the goo goo dolls and what not. I ABSOLUTELY hate rap. Cannot stand it whatsoever.
14. Do you smoke, and if so, inside or outside?: Yes, but I plan to quit before coming down to disney. If not, always outside or in my car and never around non-smokers.
15. Do you drink? (socially or alcoholic): socially, but rarely
16. Are you a night person or a morning person?: definatly a night person
17. Are you driving or flying down?: Driving
18. What do you do for fun?: I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and playing my wii. I also dabble in world of warcraft
19. What is your favorite quote?: i really don't have one
20. What are you most excited about in being in the WDWCP?: living in disney, of course! being able to go to the parks and my job!
21. Favorite things to do when not working: watch tv, play world of warcraft, go shopping, hang with friends, play wii
22. Name one good quality about yourself: I'm friendly
23. Name one bad quality about yourself: sometimes i talk to much
24: Your college: Black hawk college
25: Your major: Biology
26. Any medical conditions (optional): nope
27. Are you messy/tidy?: tidy
28. Anything else you want to state: not really...
29. Favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid
30. How many times have you been to Disney? 3 times
31. Favorite park? Animal Kingdom
32. Favorite ride? Kilimanjaro Safari
33. Favorite show? Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
34. Favorite resort? Polynesian
35. Favorite dining? Chef Mickey's
36. Favorite character? Minnie Mouse
37. I prefere to sleep in a room that has: a night light
38. I like to go to bed around: 10-11
39. I sleep better when the room is: somewhat lit
40. I would prefer to sleep in a room that is: cold, cus i like to cuddle in the blankets
41. I would prefer guests: be respectful
42. I absolutely could not live with a roomate that... brings her BF over for late night rump in the sack
43. Do you snore.. nope
44. On your day off..what time would you wake up. like 9-10