Friday, February 19, 2010

Roommate Survey!

I have to do this because I really want to find a roomie that I'm compatable with. =D

Post #7Katie Plante (Hudson VCC) wroteon February 17, 2010 at 3:05pm
Here's the roommate survey if anyone wanted to fill it out:

1.Your name?: Emily
2. Are you legal (over 21)?: Yes.
3. Male or female?: Female
4. Gay, straight, bi (optional): Straight
5. Where do you live?: Rock Island, Illinois
6. What role will you have at Disney?: Attractions
7. What are your arrival/departure dates/program (fall, fall advantage, fall quarter)?: Fall Advantage
8. Which apartment complex would you prefer to live at? Patterson Court
9. How many roommates/rooms would you like? (1-7 roommates, 1-4 rooms)?: 1 roommate, 1 room
10. Do you like to party? Will you be hosting parties in your apartment?: Not really. Maybe we only a few people. I like to stay in control
11. What's your favorite food, and more importantly, can you cook well?: I love my dads chicken noodle casserole. I can cook somewhat well.
12. If your friends could describe you in three words what would they be?: Bubbly, funny, trustworth
13. What kind of music/movies do you like?: anything disney, comedies, chic flicks... for music I love classic rock and some music I grew up with like the goo goo dolls and what not. I ABSOLUTELY hate rap. Cannot stand it whatsoever.
14. Do you smoke, and if so, inside or outside?: Yes, but I plan to quit before coming down to disney. If not, always outside or in my car and never around non-smokers.
15. Do you drink? (socially or alcoholic): socially, but rarely
16. Are you a night person or a morning person?: definatly a night person
17. Are you driving or flying down?: Driving
18. What do you do for fun?: I enjoy hanging out with friends, shopping and playing my wii. I also dabble in world of warcraft
19. What is your favorite quote?: i really don't have one
20. What are you most excited about in being in the WDWCP?: living in disney, of course! being able to go to the parks and my job!
21. Favorite things to do when not working: watch tv, play world of warcraft, go shopping, hang with friends, play wii
22. Name one good quality about yourself: I'm friendly
23. Name one bad quality about yourself: sometimes i talk to much
24: Your college: Black hawk college
25: Your major: Biology
26. Any medical conditions (optional): nope
27. Are you messy/tidy?: tidy
28. Anything else you want to state: not really...
29. Favorite Disney movie? The Little Mermaid
30. How many times have you been to Disney? 3 times
31. Favorite park? Animal Kingdom
32. Favorite ride? Kilimanjaro Safari
33. Favorite show? Illuminations: Reflections of Earth
34. Favorite resort? Polynesian
35. Favorite dining? Chef Mickey's
36. Favorite character? Minnie Mouse
37. I prefere to sleep in a room that has: a night light
38. I like to go to bed around: 10-11
39. I sleep better when the room is: somewhat lit
40. I would prefer to sleep in a room that is: cold, cus i like to cuddle in the blankets
41. I would prefer guests: be respectful
42. I absolutely could not live with a roomate that... brings her BF over for late night rump in the sack
43. Do you snore.. nope
44. On your day off..what time would you wake up. like 9-10

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